Wednesday, 17 October 2012


I’ve always been a bit of an amateur artist but started painting properly about six years ago as I found it relaxing after stressful workdays. People seemed to like my stuff and even bought and commissioned items. So now I’m taking it more seriously and, with the encouragement of my friends, have agreed to take part in a professional art show.

So, anyway, like any professional artist, I have now set up a dedicated website and blog here with all relevant details of the show and some examples of my work. Constructive feedback on the site is welcome, as are any comments on the artwork itself. These days I’m mainly painting portraits in oils and here’s a recent one of me.

This is a big step for any TGirl as not only will lots more people now know about my being trans but it makes it almost official. I’ve realised that the Great British Public are not generally upset by trans people out and about – curious maybe, but rarely hostile – and the art world itself is very tolerant (Grayson Perry, winner of the Turner Prize, is well known) so I guess I’m more worried about having my work compared to that of other very competent artists. But, hey, I’m all for pushing my comfort zone in all directions at the moment.

I was pleased to look over the venue recently with the show’s curator and another female friend and meet the gallery owner and other artists. Having done so, I really feel comfortable about this, and not a little excited. I am, though, trying to keep it a bit low-key as I’d like to see how this goes before getting ambitious, both with my painting and with being openly out to all. So I've invited only close friends to the private view, although anyone can visit the exhibition.

More on the show when it’s on. I’ll be displaying portraits specifically of TGirls there, and thanks to those friends who’ve offered to have their portraits painted. The aim of these and all my other portraits is to bring out the sitter’s humanity. Who cares that these people are trans, they’re still human and beautiful.

Sue x

Friday, 12 October 2012


Well, my liking for heels is costing me dear. I've just collected two pairs of boots from the cobblers which were reheeled at £6.50 a pair. It's the third set of heel tips they've each had, and they're not that old. In fact, I had also considered taking him a cheap pair of shoes but decided it was better to buy a new pair than keep on with the old ones at that price.

It seems a lot for a cubic centimetre of rubber but, of course, shoe care is much more than that and my cobbler also repaired and smartened up all the scuffs and scrapes on the heels as well, bless him (I keep slipping down drain covers, etc).

But at this rate of attrition I'm going to have to go with flats. Even at the risk of losing my TGirl credentials. Tough choices!

Sue x

Monday, 8 October 2012

Makeovers at home

I've often had TGirls to stay and have enjoyed taking them out to London or further afield in South East England. In fact, the spare room is now painted a suitable rose pink! A couple of girls have come to my place to change before I've accompanied them on their first forays onto the streets of the capital. Now I've been trying my hand at doing makeovers at home for TGirls who are still finding their style.

Over the years I've filled several cupboards to bursting with clothes and now have lots of wigs, makeup and other essentials so girls who are still developing their look have a chance to experiment in a safe and private environment. Maybe I should start charging! But at the moment it's nice just to have someone round for a chat and a spot of lunch and watch their mood improve from stressed male to beaming female.

I've been asked not to post pictures here, which is fair enough, though the rather cute Carole Jayne Evans can be found on Flickr and would, I'm sure, appreciate comments: I can't compete with Sophie's dressing service of Bath, though.

Sue x

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Regular pub quiz

Just thought I'd mention, as a sort of addendum to last month's post on pubs, that I usually get to Joanne Frost's pub quiz on the last Wednesday of every month at the Dog House pub in Kennington, South London (not far from the Vauxhall Griffin mentioned in the last but one post).

Joanne's quiz is quirky and hilarious and everyone gets some sort of mad prize every round. Last Wednesday my teammate and I walked away with a china tortoise, a golfing video (vol 2 of a set), a pair of Bacardi Breezer sunglasses and a ten pence piece as prizes, despite not winning a round! All life-changing items, you'll agree, and I completely forget the spurious reasons for being awarded them.

The pub itself is pleasant enough with a central bar and two areas downstairs and a large room upstairs. Their beers are good though I don't rate their selection of wine very highly. The food is generally OK. .

I like being accepted, though, as just another team player and customer.

Sue x