Saturday, 14 June 2014

Off on my travels

I'm off for a proper summer holiday, taking in the Lake District, Manchester and Nottingham where I hope to catch up with loads of different friends. My suitcase - just the one - is a perfect balance of functionality and fun, with enough versatility to ensure the girl-about-town can manage outdoor adventure and party time, too.

I'm pleased to say that i have lost nearly half a stone since rejoining Slimming World. I have emailed my holiday friends to ask them to support my weight loss programme and they said they would (before listing all the things they planned to eat and would prevent me from eating - my friends are like that! I really must think of getting some new ones!)

My eczema is not in a good state and I have been in regular consultation with the doctor. I am certainly worried that it might get too bad to cope with but I have planned things during my holiday so that I get regular respite from all the treatment that my face needs to appear reasonably feminine.

I hope the sun shines both on me and on you.

I'll post again when I'm back.

Sue x

Monday, 9 June 2014

Annual pub tour

Each year my friend Joanne Frost, a pub assistant manager, does a tour of ten interesting pubs in a different quarter of London. This year she'd selected Islington and, although I wasn't able to stay for more than four of them it was still a fun afternoon with a nice bunch of boys and girls who managed not to get drunk. The Narrow Boat by the Regent's Canal with it's light, the Island Queen, the only British pub of that name, the Earl of Essex with its beer garden and the Mucky Pup with its pool table and jukebox all show how different pubs can be but equally good for time out with friends. And the silly quiz was good as well as historical information along the way.

I couldn't do the whole tour as I have friends from Germany staying. I'm pleased to say that I now have two more friends who know all about my femme side and are supportive. It's a pity they couldn't come on the pub tour, too, but they had already made other plans.

In other news, I continue to attend my Slimming World group in the hope of losing weight. My face is still not great and I will be having another checkup with the doctor this weekand. Good news, though, is that I am having a holiday the week after next in the Lake District and Manchester. The trick is to pack all I need into just one suitcase!

Sue x