Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The old familar faces and the happy routine

Lady Rebecca Georgina Arabella Lyndon, Duchess of Basingstoke and Marchioness of Hounslow, invited me to join the girls, i.e. the Brick Lane Set I have mentioned so many times on this blog, in the "so hip it hurts" corner of London that is Shoreditch. Formerly as East End as it got, it's now gentrified and cosmopolitan, metrosexual, ethnoblended or whatever trendy term you want to use. But London is like that these days, not so many working class, upper class, middle class, immigrant distinctions. And I think that's all to the good. However, the Brick Lane set do bring a distinct touch of glamour to the place, as noted by being dolled up enough for a royal garden party at the palace when we are actually just going for a cheap curry in Banglatown (as the Bengali community like to call it).

Anyway, after three years away because of my face problem, I joined the girls for the time-honoured routine. Drinks at Verge Bar on the corner of Bethnal Green Road. As well as Rebecca I met Irene, whom I also hadn't seen for three years, regulars Rachel and Jill (framing the photo) and girls I hadn't met before, Nigella, Emma and Marie (her first time out in the real world - I always feel honoured to be part of a girl's first trip out).

L-R: Rachel, me, Rebecca, Nigella, Emma, Marie, Jill. Irene's photo.

Then it was off for the requisite curry which Brick Lane is famous for. Sheba's this time and I had a very soft and sweet chicken and mango dish which I found very tasty and a lovely girly colour. Brick Lane is a laugh as all the restaurants have "curry touts" outside trying to grab big parties like ours. Rachel is adept at playing the touts off against each other and we usually get 25% off the bill and a few bottles of wine thrown in for free. The wine is pretty nasty but it's free so don't argue! I can't drink it anyway because of the meds I am on.

Rachel and me at Sheba's.

Finally we ended up in Monty's Bar, which I've always found nice and relaxed.

I hadn't seen Rebecca for 3 years even though she's the girl who lives closest to me. A cuddle was definitely in order.

So that was Thursday night, just like the old days. I feel slightly nervous and self-conscious travelling on my own on the London Underground after so long away, but that feeling should pass with more trips out.

And my face? Well, I used my prescription slug slime as a primer and just the Mac Studio Fix foundation and powder, no eye makeup, just lipstick. It doesn't really provide enough cover, especially with flash photography showing its translucency, but at least I woke up the next day just slightly sore, not swollen, ulcered and flaking as in the past and no further medication was needed. I think I can say that, with a bit of care, I can really start to get back to a feminine routine again. I almost cried with relief at this thought.

Sue x