Saturday, 30 November 2019

Taking it slowly

Oh dear, my blog's a little bit neglected, isn't it? Blame the limited access to internet over the last year. I have been trying to get Wifi installed in my new home over the last two months and the process has become a farce. The fact that when the flat was modernised the builders plonked a new wall through the phone wire is not a problem that any competent engineer should be unable to overcome, surely?

This last month I have been doing very little - and believe me, that is a delight after many years of hard work and stress. My little collection of feminine articles makes me happy, as ever, and I have come across a trans support group locally, although I haven't made proper contact yet because of  these internet problems.

Despite the heavy rains all over Europe, I have been enjoying autumn sunshine and warmth, which were things that I always found very lacking in Britain. This better weather has already improved my health and general wellbeing. A typical outdoors temperature here on the Mediterranean coast this month has been 18C (65F). For the time of year, that's bliss.

Sue x