Here are two dozen photos, mainly portraits, and some group shots, recording my life as a trans woman. 

There are plenty more scattered about the blog, and there's a random collection on Flickr (both on my photostream and in my favourites/faves):

Sue Richmond Flickr 

My early photos never survived the Great Purges of the '80s and '90s so the earliest is from 2004.

2004-2010: At dressing services

First makeover, 2004

Second makeover, 2008

Third makeover, 2008

2010-2014: Living the life

The moment I first stepped onto the street, Bayswater, London, 2010 (Emma W's photo)

Fourth makeover, 2010

By the River Thames, London, 2011 (Emma W's photo)

Kew Palace, London, 2011

Painshill Park, Surrey, 2011

Barmaid, Olympia Exhibition Centre, London, 2011

Nottingham Invasion, 2012

Self-portrait, 2012

Waterloo Bridge, London, 2013 (Rachel C's photo)

Aboard the Cutty Sark, London, 2013 (Emma W's photo)

T-Girl Bar, Tobacco Dock Exhibition Centre, London, 2013 (Leona L's photo)

Covent Garden, London, 2013 (Helena L's photo)

Islington, London, 2014


2014-2018: Illness reduces appearances

I developed eczema on my face that made it impossible to wear makeup. These photos were experiments in dealing with the problem.

Professional portrait by Stella M, 2014

Getting ready for Sparkle, 2015

At home, 2016

Manchester, 2017

Out in the winter rain, London, 2018

2018-present: Europe

Berlin, Germany, 2018

At home, Italy, 2019

Sneaking a biscuit, 2020


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