Sunday, 6 November 2016

My resurrection?

Yesterday, for the first time in two and a half years, I put my face on and went to central London.

Regular readers will know that I have had eczema on my face and neck so severe that it reacted to anything that touched it. And that includes everything a TGirl needs to exist – close shaving, makeup, jewellery and so forth. After much medical and other intervention I am a lot better. So it was time to see if I could be me again.

It was a very cold, windy day and, although I know the girls like to be smart, I couldn't face wearing anything other than skinny jeans and a sweater. For me, warm, practical and what blends in with others take precedence over finery!

I thought I would be nervous leaving the house after so long. But my main fear – that the next door family would spot me – was laid to rest when they went off in their car just before I had planned to go out. So I opened the front door, mentally recited the TGirl mantra, “Head up, Tits out, Girl on a Mission, and Smile,” and, trailing a cloud of Versace Crystal Noir behind me, I went out. Within moments I felt like I’d never been away.

I hit my first obstacle quite soon: trains weren’t working because of that classic British Privatised Railways excuse, “engineering works”. So I started by taking the overcrowded town bus. An old man at the stop and on the bus was eyeing me. He may never have seen a TGirl before. I simply let him gaze as he seemed curious rather than a letch. Still, give an old man a cheap thrill, I say.

It continued to be an eventful journey when I changed to the Underground because the train door snapped shut and separated a little kid from his mum. (Don’t worry, a couple of girls immediately took the poor boy under their wing and staff up the line were alerted to meet him). Finally, after taking two hours to travel 15 miles (that’s what London can be like), I met up with my old friends Rachel, Linda and Gill at the Verge Bar in Brick Lane. It was lovely to be greeted like a returning prodigal with hugs and kisses. It was a cold day and I was glad to get a big warming coffee to drink.

We had great meal at Tapas Revolution round the corner, which I learn is one of London’s best reviewed tapas bars ( The tapas were pretty good, I thought (we had a wide-ranging selection, from battered aubergine to spicy octopus), but my pudding (crème caramel with nougat) was outstanding.

My lovely friends Gill, Linda and Rachel

One reason to go out was that I desperately needed a new coat and eyeshadow, so I kissed my lovely friends goodbye and took the Underground to Oxford Street where bought a coat from the Oasis concession in Debenhams, and some new eye makeup in Boots. The sales assistant at the No. 7 counter, whom I guessed would identify as genderqueer, had great makeup (well, it’s part of the job, I guess!)

So, missions for the day:
1) wear makeup for a day – accomplished
2) get out of my own front door again – accomplished
3) enjoy lovely TGirl company – accomplished
4) buy essentials – accomplished

No wonder I’m smiling in my Train Home Selfie.

I have to see what happens with my face over the next few days. That will determine if I’m better or not, and where I go from here.

Sue x