Sunday, 27 September 2015

"Boy Meets Girl" show, and actors

I’ve been watching this BBC comedy series, "Boy Meets Girl", initially from curiosity, then almost from a feeling of duty, but after episode 4 I really love it. A straightforward sitcom about a boy and a girl dating, and their weird families. Except she is transsexual, which creates a different tension. Not the most sophisticated comedy or insights, but very sweet, and informative for those who know little about trans life. The comedy characters are the grotesque parents and siblings, not the two lovers. There are some good laughs in each episode. Sitcom stalwarts like Janine Duvitsi and Denise Welch give it quality. But the dad’s relationship with his sons is beautifully and movingly portrayed and the last episode had me in tears. I don’t know if this show will have long-term mileage with the general viewing public but I think it should be seen for its humane and genuine look at the sort of things we face.

Catch up with it on BBC iPlayer:

It is one of the shows which has a genuine transgender actress (Rebecca Root) in a lead role. I often hear rants and whines in the trans community that transgender characters on screen are often played by non-transgender actors and that this is wrong. Without going into depth about the purposes, methods and history of dramatic representation, I think this demand is daft. An actor is judged on their performance as a character. Is Felicity Huffman (female) any good as a pre-op transsexual in Transamerica? Definitely. Is Jared Leto (male) any good as the same in Dallas Buyers Club? Not bad at all. What will Eddie Redmayne be like in The Danish Girl? Let’s wait and see. You don’t need an actor who’s old/young, white/black, big/small, tall/short, male/female to play a role that is supposed to be a specific thing. Judge them on how well they act the part. Is Rebecca Root any good acting the role of a post-op TS who’s dating? I’ll reserve judgment on her performance till the end of the series.

A different presentation

Since I’m here, I thought I’d add a link to this article on one Alex Drummond, who lives as a woman but has a beard. Food for thought for me at least

Sue x

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Tidying drawers

I’ve been spending a few spare moments this week rearranging my drawers. (That’s not a saucy seaside postcard gag, by the way, fnarr fnarr!) I’m getting rid of more stuff that’s out of date or worn out or doesn’t fit, like my shoe clearout a while back. But I was a bit shocked to find I have about 300 pairs of tights and stockings (I lost count) and 26 pairs of leggings and jeggings (even skeggings! – combined skirt and leggings in one, not a style that ever took off). I’m not sure of the point where footless tights become leggings – packet labelling can be a bit misleading. …Yes, I really, really like my legwear. As for skirts, tops, dresses, jeans, etc. I really wasn’t going to count. (As for my underwear drawers – well, they are none of your business!)

You see, it’s nearly 20 years since I stopped purging my clothes collections and fully accepted my trans side and I guess this is what accumulates. I have been swapping items with other girls over the years, giving things away and occasionally making trips to the charity shop but I think it’s time for a big clearout. Not, this time, in the hope of removing this trans element from me, but to make way for better, nicer stuff.

Sue x