Friday, 10 July 2015

Hot wax

I have quiet a few female features - physical ones I mean, not just psychological ones - but one decidedly masculine one is my hair: not enough on top, and way too much everywhere else. So for years now I have been epilating or shaving all of the latter. But I can't reach my back so I go to my local beauty salon to have that waxed.

Earlier this week I went to a different local beautician who does nothing but waxing and had the whole lot done. It's taken a couple of days for any residual sensitivity and rash to subside but I am now really lovely and smooth, ready for Sparkle. I am particularly pleased with my legs and chest.

As for the process, well, it's not especially painful. A little surprising perhaps because it makes you feel like one piece of Velcro being ripped from another, with a similar sound! All of me took three hours, but I was in need of it after some weeks without removing my hair myself. Above all it was nice to have a chance to natter about all sorts of things with the therapist who had plenty to say for herself.

All in all, a good experience and something that may be worth doing regularly.


Sue x