Sunday, 12 May 2013

Outings with TGirls and GGirls

Another “where I went and what I did” post. It’s what the readers like best!

So I went out one evening midweek to join the usual Brick Lane Set. I think that name sounds rather sophisticated, like socialite darlings of the ’20s talking over literature in witty ways. But most refer to them as the Brick Lane Posse, which sounds like a bevy of cowgirls moseying down the road to so as to deal with all the Indians! Actually, it’s a bit of both.

So that night we had a big group: Rachel, Denise, Helen Louise, Stephanie, Pippa, Irene, Jemima, Suzi and me. Started as usual with drinks at the Verge bar (although I was being boring and having orange juice as I had a serious work thingy to do the next day). Here we are (some of us). You wouldn’t believe how popular group photos of TGirls are – wait till this goes on Flickr.

Circle of friends: l-r: Rachel, Helen Louise, Stephanie, me, Suzi, Jemima

We chatted about spouses and dresses and photos. And then we marched off to argue with the curry touts. Rachel is very good at playing them off against each other so we get freebies and discounts. Steph wanted a change from City Spice and I’m inclined to think we should spread out net wider, but that’s where we went, having bagged 25% discount and three free bottles of wine. Suzi doesn’t think much of the wine there but since it’s free and we argued for it, we were damn well going to drink it, like it and not fuss! Darling, it’s the principle of the thing!

Unlike in the past it was quite quiet there that evening and so we sat upstairs rather than in the basement. The local young men outside the window could therefore see us and took rather an interest in us. I waved and blew a kiss at them which really set them off! Silly boys. One was prepared to be photographed with us but went all coy when Pippa waggled her stockinged leg at him. Darling, we won’t bite you … hard. So it’s just us girls here.

The Spicy Girls: hot chicks after a curry! l-r: Suzi, Rachel, Stephanie, Pippa, me, Irene

You know, these ladies love to dress up. Rachel had a beautiful red dress, the always-lovely Stephanie was in a little black number with stunning butterfly belt, Irene very feminine in her skirt and blouse, Pippa in a delicate floaty number picked out for her by her daughter and Suzi looking smart, elegant and sophisticated as she always does. For me, I guess that a drink and a curry merit just a casual look so I turned up in leggings, boots and a little daisy dress, but I did feel self-conscious when faced with all this glamour. Must scrub up better next time!

So, that was my outing for the week with TGirls.

At the weekend I went out with two of my closest female friends, Jan and Daniela. (The GGirls of the title = genetic girls.) We ate lunch in Soho in two parts: main course at Melanie in Old Compton St, now a firm favourite, and pudding at Princi in Wardour St where the cannolo siciliano was just amazing: a large brandy snap filled with cream with choc chips and candied orange. Heaven! Bang goes the diet, though!

And then we went round Kingly Court off Carnaby Street, the street that’s been reinventing itself from its groovy swinging Sixties image, baby, to be full of cuter versions of your normal high street shops, with some unique local dress boutiques, too. Anyway, Kingly Court, on three floors round a courtyard, is full of little craft boutiques, tiny art galleries and fitness centres.

Kingly Court. (c) Art Alive

I love the Things British outlet where about twenty craftspeople at a time display their lovely little items of silver, leather, card, glass and other materials. . We enjoyed some seriously good tea at Camellia’s Tea House on the top floor, each variety being served in a different type of pot and cup. They have dozens to choose from. According to the receipt, our order was taken by Mum. It was great to catch up with my two pals and chat about family, politics, work and future ideas for art shows. And, of course, I’m just their friend. Who cares that I’m in a skirt? In fact, Jan thinks it’s “awesome” to have a T friend. My girlfriends are totally awesome, too, and I love them.

Looking forward to seeing both sets of ladies again soon.

Future stuff: well, Tiff and Gina are coming to London at the end of the month and Tiff wants to go back to Sarastro’s. I’m sure we can sort that. And I’m booked into Sparkle in July. Truthfully, though, I’m a bit troubled by trans stuff and trans life at the moment and am thinking about my future direction. Maybe more about that soon, too.

Sue x

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