Sunday, 10 February 2019

Lost essentials

Last year when I moved house I had an accident right whilst I was actually doing the removals. Most of my things are in a self-storage depot but one box I specially set aside. It contained my most stylish wigs, my boobs, my makeup and two bottles of my favourite perfume.

I've been back to the depot three times and I cannot find the box. Obviously when staggering around with my leg all swollen and trying to direct the removal men I happened to lose sight of that box. I'm sure it wasn't left in the house or in the van so I can only assume that one of the men used it when stacking furniture and it's somehow ended up at the bottom or back of the storage unit.

But it means my most essential feminine items are unavailable and I cannot present as female. Obviously, it's all replaceable and I have already found a good hair shop and there is Mac and other makeup shops near my new base in Britain, but I still feel upset that the most feminising things I have should have disappeared and that I haven't been able to venture out as my female self.

Things really don't seem to be going right recently.

Sue x


  1. I hope that they turn up, or that you find some that help make you you again.

    1. Thanks, hon. They'll turn up eventually, but I need a team of people to help me shift everything around till I find the wretched box. I've bought myself a pretty necklace and earrings to cheer me up. Sue x