Sunday, 17 February 2019

Some gems

The last two posts about politics and loss were not very positive so this time I'm pleased to report some better news. In the light of my being unable to find my box of feminine goodies, I bought myself a necklace and earrings that I think will suit my eyes and style.

I'm also pleased to report that two trans friends who write books, Roz White and Helena Love, have been receiving royalties for their output. Shows that enough books are being sold that are related to the trans community in one way or another.

On the subject of literature, I'm also pleased to see that a children's book I mentioned in a previous post, "Julian is a Mermaid" by Jessica Love (no relation to Helena) is evidently selling very well.

I'm in the process of packing my bags to go back to Italy for a few months. I actually need to be there for administrative reasons but it means that I can avoid the fallout in the UK if Brexit results in chaos next month. Good luck to the folks at home. I also hope to spend a weekend in Berlin with a gay friend before my British passport becomes a liability. Sadly, for reasons already explained, none of my travels will involve femme time. Although a lot of my clothes are, in fact, women's items, and this always makes me feel connected to my female side and to the trans world.

I'm looking forward to spring arriving whilst I'm away.

Sue x


  1. The necklace set is very you and just in time for the chance of the seasons.

    I did read Helena's last book and it was very good indeed. Good to know j her hard work is paying off.

    Good luck on your travels.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I'm glad you think the necklace suits. Sue x

  2. A very pretty set...good choice!@

    Sounds like things may be looking up for you...and being able to wear women's clothes can help keep up your interest in femininity. I do that every day...LOL!


    1. Thanks, Mandy. I'm glad you like the jeweller. I love your style, as you know, and it's great that you can feel feminine in some way every day. Sue x