Monday, 26 September 2011

London Angels Sunday lunch

At last, after several weeks without a chance to go out, I managed to have a good day in London with girlfriends

I got up early for a Sunday to put my face on as Lizzie was coming over to get ready as she is not ‘out’ in her lodgings and needed somewhere to get dressed. I was impressed with the speed at which she got ready - it takes me ages! - so we were able to get out earlier than planned. We took the tube to Leicester Square where we had cappuccinos in Vergnano’s in the Charing Cross Road. It's my favourite café simply because of the quality of the coffee. We then went to the Cambridge pub on Cambridge Circus (where the Charing Cross Road and Shaftesbury Avenue cross). My friend Joanne was behind the bar.

The girls gathered one by one and we moved upstairs to the dining room. The food was good and the plates piled high – I had Sunday roast and veg with enormous quantities of chicken. I also had a warm chocolate brownie and ice cream, which was delicious. We drank merlot and pinot grigio blush, both acceptable. It's a pity that Joanne was working till 3 and so couldn't eat with us.

[Left to right: Petra, Helena, Tanya, me, Joanne, Ange, Lizzie]

After lunch we went shopping in Covent Garden and stopped for a cup of tea at La Roche Café in St Martin's Lane. Lizzie, Tanya and I then went for a stroll in St James’s Park which was beautiful in the early autumn sunshine. I'd not met Tanya before today but found her very pleasant company and her dress from Karen Millen was gorgeous. Tanya went for her train and Lizzie and I went to the Chandos pub for a short while to wait for the tube to empty a little before returning to my home. 

I was glad to be able to give Lizzie an opportunity to dress and come out with the girls and I hope I'll be seeing more of her. I have to say for my part, after pretty much six weeks with little femme time, I was delighted to be out and about again. It felt so right, and despite earlier apprehension for many reasons, I almost immediately became very contented and relaxed. I can see another full shopping day is needed very soon - and a notification of another Debenham's sale has just dropped through my letterbox!

Sue x

[Update 16/8/20: Surnames have been removed from this post as some girls would prefer greater anonymity now that they have transitioned.]

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