Monday, 5 March 2012


... or is it plate-spinning? When you try to fit the possible meetings with your girlfriends round the rest of life/work/etc. This month I've been invited to the usual run of T events: Leeds First Friday, Pink Punters, Nottingham Invasion, Wayout Club ... oh, and the next lunch in London I've agreed to host, not to mention seeing friends locally. I can't get to see everyone unless I attend all the venues. But clearly I have to be selective. You've no idea, dear readers, how much pencilling in and crossing out my diary is subjected to!

Sympathy, anyone?

Bah! Didn't think so.

But it goes to show that there is a big transgender community out there and that there are more and more opportunities to meet. Glad to be a part of it at last. Until two years ago I was pretty much in the closet. Now the closet is where I keep my party gear. What a joyous change to my life! But this now creates my current juggling problem.

Still no sympathy?

Bah! Well sod you, then, I'm off to party!

Sue x

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