Saturday, 19 January 2013

I have felt a disturbance in the Force ...

You know, I write this blog partly as a diversion, partly as a record, partly because it's the done thing, partly to entertain, but often just to show other TGirls that there's a world out there waiting to be discovered as your feminine self. But since putting up the answers to the Our Different Journey questionnaire two weeks ago the number of hits on this blog has gone through the roof.

Now, I was going to give you exciting news about the 150th anniversary of the London Underground with some Top Tips for the Tube-Travelling TGirl, and some grumbles about how the winter sales just aren't what they used to be. In fact, I was quite honestly about to change the title of this whole blog to Sue's News and Reviews since, frankly, I review a lot of things and sharing views is (so I thought) a bit dull and I've never really done so.

But I've had quite a number of queries on religious matters so I may post something about that soon, and provide some more detail about growing up transgendered, which is something so many of us do alone. Or did alone before the internet came along. I guess my girlhood was a mix of sadness, excitement, fear, puzzlement and amusement.

So, I'll be putting up something more cerebral soon.

In the meantime, I just wanted to say how fascinating I found Petra Bellejambes' and Justine Time's accounts were on the Our Different Journey site. I know Justine personally and I feel I've got to know her a bit better as a result. I'd like to encourage others to write about their experiences. Especially you, Lynn, who put us all up to this.

Sue x


  1. Winter sales? Ahh, roll out the tat from yesteryear :-)

    Glad to hear your stats are on the way up and the Underground / Religion posts sound interesting.

    As to ODJ, I've got mind in draft and when I get my finger out, I'll upload it. BTW, stats on your items are available via:

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Yes, tat, tubes and temples (couldn't think of anything else religious beginning with T). Not much of a stats fiend, it's just that when you log on here, it's what you get shown first of all.

      Sue x

    2. religious beginning with T

      I can, but it's not polite. ;-)