Saturday, 2 February 2013

Another week in the life ...

Well, last month's posts here seemed to generate huge interest, especially the Our Different Journey answers. In fact, I've just now reached 10,000 hits on this blog (as the insistent stats inform me when I log on). The Our Different Journey site now has several more stories, which are fascinating. I'm sure most other TGirls will enjoy reading the contributions and any non-trans person will be enlightened. Lynn, Bobby and Stella are good friends of mine so I feel I know them better now, but Caroline and Becca are very interesting. Here's the link again.

This week has been a mix of stuff. Work, of course, punctuated by a day off on Tuesday to go shopping (at last) and meet up with Susan Sometimes, a TGirl of eminent good sense and taste. I bought a stretchy black skirt, some floral print leggings, a pair of black court shoes and a sexy pair of seamed tights to go with my burlesque outfit. Jonathan Aston are always the best range for eye-catching hosiery.

Later in the week someone who likes to crossdress as a woman but has few resources or experience came over. I think my new friend was very happy with the outfit, although lessons in makeup and how to walk in heels will have to be dealt with another time. And by the way, don't put a woman's wig on a man in drag without makeup or he ends up looking like a superannuated '70s rocker!

But a big family reunion today meant that all my lovely red nail polish had to come off and I had to check carefully that no signs of femininity were left and be a bloke. I won't go into why I can't come out to them about my being trans, but the results of my doing so would be disastrous. Oh well, it's a rare event so I can tolerate it every so often.

And so life goes on in this kind of way here ...

Sue x


  1. Shame that you can't be you all the time. I understand though the concerns of showing anything at family do's mind you. I had someone ask what I had done to my face last time ... I hate not being truthful these days .... Although appreciate the cost of truthfulness can be very high for many.

    1. Well, I guess I am always me whatever I look like. It would be nice to be able to be treated as a woman at all times by everyone but life is never clear-cut, straightforward or fair. My feeling is that, although I'd prefer to be out to my family and still respected by them, it's never going to happen. The disappointment of this, and having still to present as male to them, is less painful than the massive aggro that would ensue if I told them. Many trans people - and I even know some officially in transition - are in exactly this position. Never mind, it's important to know when and how to bide one's time to build a lasting foundation for the future. Sue x

  2. <>

    So true!!!

    The only time I break this rule is at home - when I get something new in the mail, and I want a very rough idea of how it looks on me without making the 60 minute commitment to do my makeup....

    1. Thanks for commenting, Marian. I confess I don't always look my best as makeup does take a long time. If I'm not seeing anyone that day then I don't go through with perfecting my makeup. But then, I know most other women don't bother under the same circumstances either! Sue x