Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Summer relaxation

After several crazy weeks of intense work effort and dealing with family and other stuff I managed to down tools and have some relaxation time. My adventures with Princess Pippa one afternoon in London are in the previous post. The following evening turned out to be a beautiful sunny one and Gillian came over and we had a nice stroll in the park and it was was beautiful. And she brought me a bunch of sweet william, which are such pretty flowers. I love them.

Evening sunshine and a light breeze. Gillian's photo.

A rather last-minute decision but I also joined close friends in the Lake District for the best part of a week. Plenty of exercise, peace and quiet and lots of food! Although I went in male mode, because of my tiny feet (size five and a half!), my walking boots, shoes and socks have to be women's ones anyway (shame, eh?) and they got a good workout. And my female friend Carol knows all about my Sue side now and was so supportive. I know you will look at this blog, Carol, so thank you for your friendship and understanding. It's no little thing to have good friends who can take a big revelation in their stride and be encouraging and kind and ask intelligent questions and make thoughtful suggestions.

So that trip was great. Now I am planning my trip to Sparkle next week and the lunch there I've been asked to organise. Got a mound of stuff to do beforehand, though. Starting with that broken tooth which I got repaired this morning. The anaesthetic is wearing off now!

Sue x


  1. Glad that you got some time out to relax. A broken tooth doesn't sound to nice though eeeekkk

    1. Thanks, honey. Two days on and my mouth ith thtill thore! xxx

  2. Oneway to lose weight .....

    Hope to see you in Manchester ....