Monday, 2 September 2013

Gently into autumn

Here’s to a new season and maybe a happier time.  

It’s been a great summer, the best for many years, at least in terms of weather, and because work was quiet in August I was able to get out a lot and top up my tan. Indeed, I have several enjoyable events still to write up. I’m hoping to go and stay with Stella in Brighton this week, work permitting.

I’m afraid, though, that the stone in weight I had to lose at the start of the year has now turned into two stone to lose. Oops! Time to reregister at fat club, I reckon. (Sorry, don't know what that is in kg)

I have always tried to share as much positive stuff as I can about being transgendered. It’s a pest being trans but I’m determined to make the best of it. Truthfully, though, it’s been a very draining summer emotionally with all my family on the operating table in one way or another, my friends gender surgery going badly wrong, various awkward neighbourhood matters, a supportive friend’s death, and hearing recently that a TGirl friend was badly beaten up by another deranged TGirl who threatened to kill her and outed her to the neighbours. None of that has been good so blogging positively has been hard.

So I’m hoping for a more joyous autumn. I hope it will be for you too.

Sue x


  1. Sadly life seems to throw us heavy burdens to carry at times. Perhaps these are what make us who we are, both good and bad.

    I hope the new season brings you happier times Sue

    1. Thanks, Becca. That's very sweet of you. I do feel I've been a bit under the cosh recently! Sue x

  2. Fingers crossed for cooler weather and calmer times. L x

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Personally, though, I do love long, hot summer days and hope they will continue for a bit. Sue x