Saturday, 12 April 2014

Where'd she go?

Hello little blog. I disappeared for a bit, sorry. Work was unexpectedly mad and I've just been desperate to catch up with some sleep, so I haven't been online much. A quieter weekend now and then next weekend is easter when I'm hoping a TGirlfriend will be coming to stay. I could do with a proper break.

Must tell you about my fabby new boots and shoes, and about the novel I'm reading from the pen of my pal Roz White. There's also a post from last summer that I have neglected to put up till now. I'm also going to complete a post about the religion of my younger years and how it affected growing up trans. I started that last year but I got distressed about it and abandoned it, but I do think the matter needs airing.

Sue x


  1. S'okay. A few of us clubbed together and got a cleaner in to take down the cobwebs. Everything's fine except Mrs Haversham tried to move in with that bloody wedding cake of hers. The woman's obsessed I tell you! :-)

    Welcome back, BTW ;-)

    1. Thank you for looking after the place, Lynn. I will make sure your maid's uniform is properly starched before it is returned to you. Sue x

  2. Replies
    1. Believe me, darling, excitement is not the word. Sue x