Wednesday, 17 September 2014

A new kind of routine

Well, things have got back to normality in the sense that work has now gone full steam after the summer so I am seriously busy during the week. But I have been making sure that weekends are free. I previously mentioned a couple of TGirl friends I have met up with (in male mode) in August and since then I have visited another TGirl who lives near Leicester, where we enjoyed seeing the National Space Centre for the first time - a seriously good day out if you or the family are vaguely interested in science (and it may make you interested if you're not). Girl mode not possible for me or my friend, but this boy mode thing is gradually becoming less of a worry. My skin problem that's caused this exile is slowly improving, though. I hope to be out again as Sue next year.

So this means that work is the bulk of my life now (boring!) but I'm making the most of my spare time, including a trip to Berlin again this weekend. I had originally hoped to travel and stay there en femme but this is not to be. Maybe next year. (Incidentally, if you've not been to Berlin, I urge you to go. Not only is it cheap, it is also vibrant, exciting, attractive, and full of history. Great for families and for TGirls).

It seems odd to be forced back to boy mode after having lived almost full-time as a woman around 2011-12, and it's upsetting, but I'm coping.

I've been reminded that I haven't yet written about my summer holiday in the Lake District, Manchester and Nottingham. I was waiting a bit as Manchester and Nottingham were great, but the Lake District part went horribly wrong. So we'll let you know the good bits soon.

Sue x


  1. Good to hear that you are doing ok and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Shame that its a long tunnel though.

  2. Berlin? Most exciting time I had there was going through Checkpoint Charlie ... my first and last visit - a long, long time ago! Glad to hear you are managing the boy-mode thing and looking forward to your reminiscences of hols (and Berlin!)

  3. Thank you for your supportive comments, girls.