Sunday, 1 May 2016


On 21st April the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday. That's a milestone worth celebrating in anyone's life, but it's all the more remarkable for such a public figure.

Two days later it was both St George's Day and also the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare's death. Although I used to be bored by the Bard at school, I decided to join a London tour guide to see the festivities around the rebuilt Globe Theatre. There were 37 screens showing excerpts from his 37 plays. Apart from one screen that didn't work. The play? The Comedy of Errors, of course!

Excerpt from a modern dress version of Hamlet, opposite St Paul's Cathedral

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on Shakespeare Day.

White and red roses on the gates of the theatre.

No signal is no laughing matter

I mention these recent national anniversaries as they show the importance of celebrating important things. For my little part, today marks two anniversaries. One, the departure from one career that I had grown to hate. The new outlook I gained from that event enabled me to find my feminine life in a very real way. The second is the anniversary of my setting up my little business. It was a gamble, of course, but I put the effort in to make it work. And last week I had far more clients call to request my services than I could possibly provide and now I feel vindicated that changing careers and working for myself was the best move I ever made. Not least because I now work en femme whenever I like.

My little celebration today included an evening in full makeup. Phase Two of my Eczema Recovery Programme. More details of that in a forthcoming post.

Sue x


  1. Glad to see you back on (in?) form, Sue. Was London extra packed, for The Bard's celebrations?

    1. Thanks, Lynn. It's always pretty crowded in central London and the South Bank especially, but certainly more so than usual this time. It was the London Marathon as well as Shakespeare Day II on the Sunday, so I dread to think what that was like! Sue x

  2. Looking good again here! Keep on moving forward...

  3. I hope the skin is behaving itself.

    Glad you are doing wsll