Sunday, 17 April 2016

Testing, testing

A couple of months ago I posted that I was in despair that the regime to cure my eczema had not worked. (Incidentally, it's interesting how popular disaster posts are!)

After a gentler regime since then with less potion and more moisturiser, things have improved once more and I am now shaving most days. I am not, however, cured. But after two years of this disfiguring illness I am growing desperate to feel the breeze on my legs again and my heels clicking on the pavement. So I will be doing a test shortly of how my face reacts to an hour or two in makeup, and how quickly I can damp down any inflammation that might arise using the approved creams, pills and potions.

I was invited to join girls in Brighton next weekend but it is still too soon. However, lunch at St Katharine Docks by Tower Bridge on May 7th might be a possibility as a second test. A few hours in makeup and the chance to scoot home to remove makeup if my face starts to prickle might work.

My fingernails are looking lovely and long and neat, my toenails are painted in anticipation, my gorilla fur has been removed and I am going to tame the caterpillars on my brows...

Fingers crossed.

Sue x


  1. The very best of luck to you, Sue.

  2. Good luck, and have a great time!

  3. We definitely have everything crossed in hope for you. x

  4. Go for it girl and fingers / toes cross for you. :-) xx

  5. Thank you very much, girls. It's the support of ladies like you that's been keeping me going. Sue x