Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Looking for a new home

I've spent much of the spring and summer doing two important things. One is ensuring I have a settled status in Italy, at least for the next year, and the other is actually finding a proper home to live in. Family and friends have been very kind and let me stay with them whilst I look for a new home but it does feel like camping out.

Next week I hope my residence in Italy, in Europe, will be confirmed. So many Britons, fearful of losing their human and other rights as announced by the British government, have been applying for dual citizenship with other European Union states to continue benefiting from EU rights. Italy's my best bet for that, which is partly why I'm here.

I have now found myself a new home, which I will rent for a year. It's in a beautiful spot overlooking the Mediterranean Sea just a short walk from the beach and the flat itself has ample oudoor space, ideal for catching that sun that's become so vital for my health. I'm very excited about it and should be moving in in October.

It also means I can get back to that feminine existence which is expressed only subtly at present.

Here are a few photos of some of the places I went looking for a home. They're all different but beautiful in their own separate ways.


The Gulf of La Spezia from Lerici

Manarola in the Cinque Terre

Cactuses at Bordighera


Monte Carlo casino


One of the many public parks in San Remo

Sue x


  1. Wow, those shots look amazing. I hope you are soon settled and able to get out again. L x

  2. The Casino??? I know some people call it home, but ... I'm glad you've found somewhere (which sounds really nice) for the coming year. I'll be looking to find an excuse for some winter sun! Nikki x

    1. Well, there might be an invitation on its way to you in due copurse ... Sue x

  3. Sorry not made any comments on your 2019 entries but hopefully I am able too now (Google issues) via my new blog. Regardless, I have been keeping upto date what you are upto or not as the case may be but pleased to hear things are going well in sunny Italy and a new home beckons soon. Good luck there and hopefully that will be the beginning of Sue coming back out in the real world. Take care and miss you. KD. x

  4. Hi Sue,

    Just starting to get caught up to date. Your "new life" sounds exciting! And I love the pictures...keep 'em coming!

    Blog things are changing here, too.

    Let me give you part of my new email addy, which will be connected by an @ to the rest: amandanicolesherman. The rest is mail.com. I've started a new blog but am just getting started, and will give you more info on reaching it by email.

    If we already invented this wheel, I apologize, and please email me. Things have simply been so busy here (not all in a good way.)

    Hope to hear from you soon!



  5. Hi Mandy, I'll email you soon, when my internet is sorted! Sue x