Tuesday, 25 February 2020

The blogroll revolution!

It always used to be an awkward chore changing items in one's blogroll but Blogger now seems to have made its system more user-friendly. As I recover from flu I am spending time indoors and so have been able to do some much needed weeding and planting in my blogroll (which is low down on the right), and do it swiftly for once!

My friends Ann Drogyny, Roz White and Helen Turner stopped blogging at least a year ago and so I have now removed their blogs. The same for the "Rhiannon Rambling" blog. I did enjoy all these very much, but obviously people have their priorities. Helen essentially uses Flickr as though it were a blog and her trans life is very positive, her wife, daughter and parents being very accepting and she having a very active time as a woman (https://www.flickr.com/photos/52912530@N04/). She's also very pretty!

Mandy Sherman and KD have started new blogs ("Mandy's Miscellany" and "K.D.'s Life and Ramblings") so I've now added these but am still keeping links to their earlier blogs for the time being since they are still interesting.

I've added a couple of new blogs: the excellent "Femulate" (that, frankly, should have been up here years ago) and "Shadows of a Dream (on my Travels)", which is the blog my friend Karen Cameron writes about her adventures with other girls in places like Manchester and Leeds.

Of course, the blogs for those super bloggers Lynn Jones ("YATGB"), Bobby Sox, Lucie ("The Girl Who Should Know Better"), Jonathan ("Male Femme") and the tour-de-force who is Hannah McKnight are still there, as they have been for years, and make fascinating and useful reading. T Central remains the main umbrella blog here for the trans community.

Enjoy these. I certainly do.

Sue x


  1. Ooo, I survived Carousel ;-)

    May I ask, which RSS feed source are you using for YATGB? There's a new one over at the new home, but I've tweaked the old Blogger one to point to the new place.

    1. I thought it simpler just to keep things as they are since the link still works. It's all very easy for you techies... Sue x

    2. Well, at some point, that RSS will stop as Google will kill it off :-)

    3. Hmm, OK. I will update. Are you tacitly advising me to move my stuff elsewhere too? Sue x

  2. Thanks, Sue :) . I'm just about still going — whereas my blogroll has a few who "last posted X years ago". I supppose I should check whether they're actually even still there.