Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Lying low

 I haven't been online much this month or used social media because the news has been getting me down. Please try to keep safe and well during this pandemic and, much as none of us enjoy face masks, distancing, hand washing and other hygiene practices, basic safety - let alone courtesy and consideration - should encourage us to look after each other as well as ourselves. 

I have decided to remain here on the riviera for the foreseeable future. It's beautiful, lively and the weather is ideal for someone like myself who can't stand cold and grey. It's the combination of natural blues and greens, with lively flowers thrown in, that makes it so pretty.

A dip in the archives

By contrast, I found this photo from my days in London. One of the many lively evenings with girlfriends. Let's hope the days of distancing and facemasks will be over soon and we can get back to squashing up for photos like this again.

L-R: Rebecca, Rachel, Irene, me, Angela, Joanne

Sue x




  1. "..the news..."

    It's that fine line between being uninformed, self care, or risking an eye-rolling injury as you read what the muppets have just done. :-)

    Maybe we need an AI filter that reads the news and goes: "Based on your political leanings and emotional health, I can say don't read the news, you'll just get cross. However, do write to your MP about this.." :-)

    1. Thanks, Lynn. There is a feeling of helplessness in this flood of malice and incompetence. I have felt nothing but anger, stress and dismay for 4-5 years now and I see no end to it as yet. Sue x

  2. Love the pix, thanks for posting! I can see why you like it there! Above all, stay healthy! Hugs, Mandy