Thursday, 11 March 2021

Hugs needed, hugs given

 It's a year now since Covid closures and lockdowns first began and there is no clear end in sight yet, with harsher measures to come around easter. I confess I am now struggling from lack of close human contact, and several other people I know have expressed similar feelings. Apart from a brief time with an uncle six months ago, I have seen no friends or family face-to-face for over a year and, for all the genuine messages online, I need some physical affection. I am actually amazed at how well I have coped with solitude so far, partly thanks to a previous disciplined regime of self-employment, but I think the anniversary has triggered less than happy feelings. 

You'll have noticed that this year I have been blogging twice a week, rather than as and when I had the time or there was some event to talk about. There is so much I'd like to write about but trans matters without social input can be rather academic and dry.

Really I want nothing more than to have a bunch of hugs right now. Real ones.

My regular dip in the archives, then, is just some photos of past hugs with trans friends, a nostalgia for cuddles.


A dip in the archives

With Rebecca

With Emma

With Kate

With Pippa and Steph

With my childhood hero, Moomintroll. Now, he is definitely cuddly!

With Leona and Jessica

With Emma and new found friends

Hugs to all, be it only electronic ones.

Sue x 


Cari lettori italiani

Con l'anniversario del primo periodo di restrizioni a causa del Covid, un anno senza baci e senza abbracci, comincio a sentire la mancanza di affetto e di gioia. Le foto sono ricordi di giorni di libertà e affetto.

Sue x



  1. Hugs for all my friends!

    Why does that sound like something fun Scarface? 😁

    Yes, hugs all round. I think a year is quite enough and I'm really looking forward to seeing friends again.

    Good luck ❤️