Hello. Thanks for dropping by.

I’m a male to female trans person. Which in my own case has meant that, although I’m legally and superficially male, I have always felt a strong urge since I was very young towards living and being treated as female. I cannot say what causes this urge but it is an irresistible and innate force that affects more people than you might imagine. So most of the time I seek social acceptance in my preferred gender, most obviously by looking as much like a woman as I reasonably can and associating with people as a woman. I am pleased to say that most people accept or at least put up with my need even though they may be puzzled by it.

I’m one of the many trans people who has found friends and support on the internet so I started this blog in August 2011 during a period when I was experimenting with living as a woman almost full-time. Things have progressed for me in unexpected ways since then.

This blog is partly to introduce me to anyone who’s interested and to let people know what I’ve been up to since stepping out in public as a woman, as well as a few thoughts around the subject of being trans. This is in the hope that this blog can provide encouragement to the many others who are still scared of venturing into the world in a way that differs from what they feel is expected of them, and accepting who they actually feel they are.

As you can see, I have organised a variety of events for TGirls in the London area and can often be found in other locations. In 2018 I moved permanently from Britain to Italy.

Sue x


Vital statistics

Name: Susan Verity Richmond. I like the neutral title Ms but I’m not fussy, Miss is fine! Call me Sue or anything similar, some friends even call me Sookie.

Height: 5’4” (163 cm)

Dress size: UK 10/12 (aspiring!)

Shoe size: UK 5½ (EU 39)

Age: 5½ years younger than my male birth certificate!

Location: Formerly London, Great Britain, but now Italy.

Style: Variable, but generally chic and contemporary, skirts and tops more than dresses, smart boots (OK, so boots not so good when you’re my size, but I love them).

Like: Hosiery (lo-o-o-o-ove my tights), leggings, high heels (especially boots, see above), silver jewellery, painted nails.

Favourite colour: Cerise (the colour of the print in this blog)

Need: woolly sweaters – I really feel the cold! And comfortable knickers (sorry!)

Interests: Many and varied, but especially eating and drinking out, making friends, good conversation, giggling, performing arts (especially theatre), travelling, shopping, fashion, sunshine, trans events, painting and drawing, reading (everything), slimming (!) …

For more aspects of how I developed as a trans person have a look at this post: http://suerichmond.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/our-different-journey.html



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  2. Hi Sue,

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    1. Thank you very much, Anuj. I feel honoured. I'm delighted to see that you have also featured my friends Lynn Jones, Mandy Sherman and Hannah McKnight, all wonderful bloggers and friends. Sue x

  3. Around only Indians. What does it mean?

    1. I've been puzzling over your comment for a while, Swetiane, but I confess I can't make it out. Sue x

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    1. Thanks for your comment, Anne. I don't normally like posts that are mainly commercial but your seems reasonably targeted as far as female products are concerned. Sue x

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  6. Shoe size 5 1/2? You lucky, lucky person. That's somewhere near the top of the cuteness curve when it comes to shoe sizes. (Saw a wonderful pair of floral pattern shoes the other day, but a good three sizes too small for me.)

    1. Well, being short has to have its uses soemtimes. That size was never any use to me as a guy. Sue x