Monday, 16 April 2012

Brief update

Been very busy with work this last month – exciting new opportunities presenting themselves – but that’s meant I’ve been doing little in the way of social stuff, hence little news here. Apologies to the girls who’ve invited me out but whom I’ve had to turn down, and to those I’ve been slow in replying to online. We shall make up for it. But sometimes you just have to give priority to pursuing long-term benefits. Besides, as I’ve said recently, these frocks don’t pay for themselves.

Thanks also for the supportive comments and other communications on my last entry. Not sure why this sudden burst of negativity after all these years but it’s probably just bad coincidence. It also shows how much more support than detraction there is within the trans community (yes, there is a community, you naysayers).

Next entry will probably be a catch-up post on the great weekend I had in London towards the end of March – cabaret, cakes, cute company and (of course) colossal lunch!

Sue x

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