Sunday, 29 April 2012

Funny Girls photos

Thought I'd steal my friend's Funny Girls photos and post them here. Here are just a few items from their fabulous 2012 show that I wasn't able to include in my main entry below.

"The Sun has got his hat on". 
Terribly jolly, very cute and rather saucy, too. Must be the British seaside!

 "Welcome to the Sixties". Funny Girls' take on the Hairspray number. Amber, Jade, Krystal, Ruby, with Zoe the DJ and some of the Boys.

 Dancing on the bar top. Absolutely love those coloured stockings!

 The Boys (their names are Mark, Dan, Garry and Jack, though I've no idea who's who here!)

 Grand Finale

Grand Finale

It's worth going to Blackpool purely for this. The show may change part-way through the year, apparently. So you could go twice!

Sue x

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