Thursday, 24 October 2013

Preparing the big event

Well, the pretty bedlinen is spread and there are some beautiful flowers on the table. I'm having two TGirls, Stella and Joanne, stay with me over the next few days as we're employed as barmaids at the Erotica show over the weekend.

Just before you think we're a bunch of sex maniacs, I'd point out that Erotica is just a trade fair, and erotic only in a sort of British nudge nudge, wink wink kind of way. You could take your granny there without too many blushes. The idea for most of us girls is to have fun and be ambassadors for the trans community. We were really popular last time and so many visitors left the show knowing a lot more about trans life and they've given us a bigger and better location this time.

It's at Tobacco Dock (next door to Rupert Murdoch's infamous printworks), Fri/Sat noon-9pm, Sun noon-8pm. Come and say hi (but don't bring any reporters from The Sun with you).

And on Saturday night we receive our 'pay': free tickets to the Winter Ball at Club Colosseum in Vauxhall. I think that will require a change of outfit.

I'll report back in due course.

Sue x

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