Saturday, 12 October 2013

The Hierarchy

Most of those who are trans will know the hierarchy. Those who aren't are unlikely to want to wade into the complexities of the trans hierarchy, which can be as arcane as that of a centuries-old institution like a university, church or order of nobility, even thought it is actually very new. The hierarchy simply disgusts me and I find it hard to talk about it without expressing that disgust. So I will commend my talented and witty friend Amanda's video to you as she has done it very well.


Well done, Amanda, and thanks.

Sue x


  1. As Homer Simpson says.... Its funny because its true. We want acceptance but we don't accept one another. Now that's what I call solidarity.... not. Precisely why I do my own thing.

    1. The lack of acceptance - even hatred - within our community is appalling and I'm coming round to your idea that it's best to do it your own way. But Amanda's expressed it in the right way here, with humour.

  2. That's brilliant! It certainly raised a chuckle or six.

  3. Sue, thanks for the link, somehow it missed my radar. It says it like it is on certain orthodox fora! I owe you an email, be in touch soon.