Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Surgical update - positive news

Just a very quick post for all those who followed my news on my poor friend who suffered a considerable loss of tissue and a severe abdominal infection following her gender surgery.

She diligently kept to her dilating and other regimes and now after three months she says her surgeon is impressed with her recovery and the general state of affairs. She is due back at work in four weeks but still finds it difficult to bend. I'm pleased to say she's going for very long daily walks. Several miles a day, in fact. When I saw her two weeks after her op she could just about stand up and hobble a bit, whereas most of her fellow operatees (operatives?) were merrily charging around the hospital after just a few days (OK, I exaggerate, but they were mobile). So it seems that all is well, largely thanks to her diligence in looking after herself (and with help from her family, colleagues and friends).

She tells me she is now ready to join a regular dating site, and I hope that at last she will find a cute guy who will genuinely care about her.

Sue x