Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Keep Fem and Carry On

My face is in a right state so I finally went to the doctor today. I had been reluctant to do so as in the past no amount of doctoring has ever done me any good in respect of eczema. Mild herbal remedies available from health food shops usually prove to be best. I imagined that 25 and more years after I last went to see a skin specialist there would have been amazing breakthroughs in medical science and some wondrous new cure. Instead, my prescription is exactly the same as the one I was given in my late teens … only the packaging is prettier.

Ideally, I ought to let this thing sort itself out by leaving my face strictly alone. But I cannot bear the idea of locking myself away or becoming a Conchita Wurst clone. So I have decided to carry on with a stiff upper lip (however blotchy). This week I’ve planned to meet up with Amanda Parnell who is coming to London at last, and then spend the weekend in Brighton. I need a little holiday as I have had no time away for 8 months (one night at Pink Punters doesn’t count). And in June I've booked to go to the Lake District and a night out in Manchester.

I will simply be taking great care with my face, using the mild steroid and face wash prescribed, and also using Neways 2nd chance shampoo (amazing cleansing power but no harsh chemicals) and taking an antihistamine to reduce inflammation (Sue’s top tip: I always take one of these when going out fully en femme anyway as it greatly reduces the risk of a runny nose or itches ruining my make-up). Let’s see how I go, and hoping it will be tolerable.

Here are some favourite photos from last week’s night out in Brick Lane. I hope to have plenty more from St Paul’s and Brighton. Wish me luck.

Sue x
The visitor in the blue dress wanted to be snapped with the lovely London ladies what we is. So she got to pose with Helen, Rachel B, Rachel C, Kay, Pippa, Irene, Rebecca and me (distracted by the traffic). Pippa's photo.
Kinkao Thai restaurant with Rachel B, Steph, Pippa, Rachel C, Helen, Denise, Kay, me, Susan, Rebecca, Irene. Susan's photo

Floral is in. Mick and Bob look on admiringly. Susan's photo.


  1. That is the way to go - attempting to be positive and may be that will help in due course. Enjoy your time with Amanda, she will make you feel better. Take care. xx

    1. Thanks for your support and friendship, KD. I appreciate it more than I can put into words. Sue x

  2. Sorry to hear about this. Hope it clears up soon. xx

    1. Thanks for that, Demi. Things may be improving a bit. Sue x