Monday, 20 October 2014

A bit of this, a bit of that

I've not posted anything for a few weeks as there's not exactly been a lot happening in the way of trans life. I've mainly been getting back into the work routine after the summer (boring!) and redecorating at home (boring!). And other stuff (boring!).

I've also been sorting clothes that I don't want any more. They'll either be given away or go to the charity shop. We all buy stuff that turns out to be a mistake (or that no longer fits).

My lovely friend Roz White - the one Tgirlfriend I've never met despite five or six years online (we live at opposite ends of the country) - has set up a trans writers and readers group so I thought I'd put my blog up there. Hi to any new readers. Hope you enjoy.

I'll be posting about Roz's transgender fiction another day. It's pretty good stuff and can be found on Sadly, the photo I wanted to take of me as Uma Thurman reading Roz's pulp fiction is not to be!

I have, in fact, been drafting a very long post. Not an easy one to write as it concerns the ongoing investigation by the police into historic abuse at the school I went to (part of a nationwide investigation). I normally try to make things positive here but some negative issues need to be aired, those that have a marked influence upon us.

Sue x


  1. Who said "drama is life without the dull bits"? Or, at least, words to that effect. :-) Yes, sometimes you read t-blogs where said person flutters from one social event to another. I sit back and look at the pile of paperwork and catch the eye of the hound, who'd like another walk..... But, life is like that. It's not all parties and t-stuff. So long as it's not all work and no play, I think that's okay.

    The fiction thing sounds interesting. Do you have a link to the group, please?

    Oh, and good luck - if that's the right thing to say - about the investigation business. Hope you're okay. <3

  2. Nice to read you are ok (along with an update from Mrs KD) but clearly various things are keeping you occupied which is good and makes time go quicker towards the eventual day when Sue reappears. I cannot wait for that to happen. In the meantime looking forward to hearing from you when you have time as its been a while - I wrote 7th Sept but it seems most unlike you. Take care & Hugs. xxx

  3. Thank you both. Not being able to go out has meant that I've just had to concentrate on the boring bits. Sue x