Friday, 31 October 2014


You know, Hallowe'en seems to have taken over from Guy Fawkes night (5 November) as the main celebration in the autumn and this town is swarming with people of all ages dressed in 'scary' costumes. I'm sad as I would normally go to some kind of party but my ongoing skin health problem prevents any public femme activity at present. This is no good when I know the girls are meeting tonight in Brick Lane and I would have been there. And I've missed out on several other good Hallowe'en events this week that would've been great fun. So instead I'm looking back at my album of past party events and I still think the 2011 Magic Theatre Hallowe'en event at the Rivoli ballroom was the best to date.

Well, there's always next year, and the year after! That thought keeps me smiling.

Sue x

And the hat!
Hell Bunny dress and spider tights and gloves


  1. Nice outfit! I must have missed that one. I hope you weren't too bothered by trick or treat goblins.

    1. Thanks, Lynn. Actually, the pesky trick 'n' treaters didn't knock this year. Just as well or they'd have been genuinely scared by my appearance! Just 'cause I can't put on makeup doesn't mean I can't don a Hallowe'en frock! Sue x