Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Happy birthday, blog!

My blog is a romping little toddler of four now and hasn’t thrown too many tantrums or dropped its dinner on the floor too often. Maybe the demands for princess dresses and rainbow ponies are becoming irritating, but on the whole I think we have something to make me feel motherhood is worthwhile. 

As ever, the main point of my blog is to share my experiences in the hope that other TGirls (and TBoys, too) will know that you can live a trans life if you have the will.

I used to think that the statistics that Blogger provides were very much a boy thing and I took little account of them at first. But actually they can throw up some interesting points and help me keep posts relevant to what people like to read. I find that big, exhilarating events are most popular, and bad disasters! In fact, the five most popular reads are these:-

(1) My first trip to the Nottingham Invasion (Jan 2012), which has always been the most popular post ever:

(2) Closely followed by the second TGirl Bar in autumn 2013:

(3) Then, some way behind, are my Nostalgia Trip to Pink Punters (Dec 2012):

(4) and Nottingham Invaded again in March 2012 (see, that city is not just about Robin Hood and his men in tights):

and (5) When Surgery Goes Wrong (Again) and When Trans Life Goes Right, a post of mixed cautions and celebrations from April this year:

Thanks to all of you who read. Officially 45 of you had signed up on anniversary day, including Aimee TG, Jack Molay, Abigale Stuart, Joyful Girl, Francine and Jenna Powell in the last year (and hello to Susie Jay who signed up a couple of days ago). Thanks to TCentral for featuring me twice this year.

And now stats for the boys: As of the 4th anniversary last week the blog had had 52,959 page views, the most in one month being 2,657 (April 2015). The problem I identified last year, of the stats expanding to include two years before I started this blog, has righted itself so I think that’s now accurate. Two fifths of readers come from the United Kingdom but most of you come from other countries, especially the USA, but also Russia, Germany, France and Canada in particular. It’s good to see so many from other countries.

So although I am struggling to maintain a visible trans life at present for health reasons that I’ve explained over the last 18 months, I still plan to continue writing. I must tell you about the latest Sparkle and my closet adventures afterwards, as well as a few thoughts about trans life and community.

Thanks for reading.

Sue x


  1. Happy Birthday to Blog, Happy Birthday to Blog... (giggle) Hang in there, lovely one! xxx

  2. Happy Birthday Sue. I hope there was cake, jelly and balloons. Please carry on writing. I think I've now found a community that feels like home.

    1. Thanks, Susie. So glad to hear that you're finding a home. Makes me feel this whole exercise is worthwhile. Sue x

  3. Happy birthday Blog, and let me know if you need a home for any Princess dresses as this is one girl who is enjoying second childhood!

    Sue, I don't respond as often as I intend, but your blog is on my favs list and the recent posts about eczema have really touched me.

  4. Happy Birthday, Blog!


    1. Thank you, Calie. It's nice to be featured. Sue x

  5. Congratulations on the happy blog-day!

    1. Thank you, Lynn. Your blog is an inspiring older sister. Sue x