Saturday, 12 March 2016

Winter sun

I had a lovely relaxed break in the Canary Islands last week. Lanzarote this time. A lot warmer then home, that's for sure, as only a loon would go out every day here in March with bare arms and legs. (Hmm, I think I probably just implied every transvestite out clubbing in a minidress in March is a loon! - hey, draw your own conclusions!)

Lovely hotel room - possibly the nicest I've ever stayed in - beautiful hotel grounds with palms and shrubs, secluded beach and clean sea, good restaurants, generally peaceful and quiet, and a view of the island of Fuerteventura in the distance. Perfect. Well, I do work very hard so I decided to treat myself.

The potions I have been taking for my eczema have made my skin photosensitive and it was weird trying to sunbathe but keep my face covered. (Some might say that's an improvement!) The other problem is that these potions are suppressing my immune system, which might explain the cold I had at New Year, the flu I had in February and the fact that I have another cold now, not things I am usually too badly affected by. The sun may have done a little good to the skin of my face but I will monitor things over the next couple of weeks and then decide what's bet to do with the ongoing situation.

Anyway, here are a few more sunny pictures to brighten up the freezing days we've had here this week.

Fancy a swim in the pool...

...or at the little secluded beach...

...or at the main beach?

One of the hotel cats used to visit me regularly ... and made itself very much at home! It didn't offer to split the bill with me, though.

These nice little aviaries dotted around the hotel grounds meant there was always birdsong. Although there were no actual canaries!

Sue x


  1. Wow, wonderful trip...glad you were warm and comfy. Saying a prayer for your skin issues to improve!



  2. Welcome back, Sue, and thanks for the photos as the Canaries are on my list for Feb/Mar visit one year! Your potions sound a little scary, I hope they do work for you!

  3. Welcome back. Looks like a great holiday and I hope you're feeling refreshed. The weather in dear Old Blighty seems to have picked up for spring too.