Saturday, 27 February 2016

Time out - holiday

I'm going on holiday for ten days. If I say so myself, I work hard and I need a break. I also need some sunlight. Britain is officially one of the cloudiest nations on earth and, although winters aren't desperately cold, they are very dark and grey. I benefited so much from my trip to the Canary Islands last November that I have decided to go back again.

It will also be an opportunity to see if a change of climate does my debilitating eczema any good. After I come back I will have to decide how to deal with the issue, since the strict regime I followed under the doctors hasn't worked. One part of that deal was that whilst using the various medical creams I should not drink alcohol. The deal is done and today I opened a bottle of wine that a friend gave me for Christmas. If I can't be cured, I might as well be pickled! Cheers!

Sue x


  1. Happy trails on your holiday and I hope the weather's good for you. Sometimes, you can't beat a bit of sun, to shift the winter cobwebs.

  2. Bon Voyage, Sue! Enjoy the weather and the trip...


  3. Hope you're having a great time 😊

  4. Thank you for your good wishes, girls. Holiday was lovely. Sue x