Saturday, 29 October 2016

A close shave

In the spring I tried various makeup tests to see how my face would cope with wearing makeup again, even with my eczema still not cured.

The results left me hopeful.

This summer and autumn have had so many unrelated problems that I didn't continue the experiments, and my priority at present is to keep solvent and work continuing. But I am pleased to say that I have got back to shaving regularly, pretty much daily, for three weeks now and there are no particularly adverse effects. This is really positive. I last used the potent eczema medicine in June, four months ago.

I feel there may really be a reappearance soon. It's been two and a half years since I was last out (apart from Sparkle 2015). Let's see if I can let up on work and actually catch the train up to London one weekend soon.

Sue x


  1. Fantastic news!!! So so happy for you babe! xxx

  2. That's great news, Sue. My limited experience with eczema is that while the potions may help, it just runs its own course, so (fingers and toes crossed)it's on its way to leaving you alone for a good long while!

    1. You're right, eczema does it's own thing. Medicines soothe but never cure. Anyway, I'm replying after I have just got out again so we'll see what happens. Sue x