Sunday, 21 April 2019

Spring holidays

I've been away, hence the gap in posts. Just a short entry this time to share a few holiday snaps from Switzerland, Florence and the Riviera where I went for a variety of reasons, partly business, partly enjoying the spring sunshine, and partly looking at potential places to live.

Lake Lugano, Switzerland


The "Bay of Poets" in the Gulf of La Spezia

Sestri Levante

They're all very beautiful in their different ways, I'm sure you'll agree.

Sue x


  1. Good to see you back on air, as it where. I hope the travel meant little hassle and plenty of happy memories.

    Given all you've seen, any ideas on where you might settle?

    BTW, back in the 80s, ITV ran an investigative journal show called First Tuesday. I think it was that show that ran a piece on the number of trans people in Florence. There were a few interviews too. Any idea if this is still the case?

    1. Thanks, Lynn. I'm looking at the Riviera at the moment.

      As for transgender people in Italy, it's a mixed picture. You are well protected by law and given plenty of assistance if you are transitioning, otherwise you are on your own. I've seen a couple of trans women in Milan and one in La Spezia so we are out and about. Traditionally, carnival and other events are an age-old opportunity for people to crossdress. Unfortunatley, there's a close correlation between transgender living and the sex industry here and I have been disappointed that meet-up groups like Chams seem almost non-existent. But I will keep looking.

      Sue x

    2. Ooo, the Riviera sounds very nice.

      Your lament about groups is sadly a common one. I read the other day that while their are various 'hook up' apps for certain communities, there are not friendship ones. Maybe there's a gap in the market. I hope your search works out tho.

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  3. Glad to see another post. Great pix, sounds like fun!