Sunday, 19 January 2020

Warm January

The good news is that at last I have proper internet at home. They finally sent a young man who was far more on-the-ball than the cynical old technicians who'd come before and he identified the source of the problem within a few moments. I have confidence in the younger generation and I'm not sure we're handing the world over to them in a shape that they deserve.

The other good news is that this January I have been enjoying sunny, mild weather and am spending plenty of time outdoors. This is bliss and something I only ever dreamed of. I really couldn't take much more of British damp and cold. It's not that Britain in winter is all that cold compared to much of the Northern hemisphere - on the contrary, it's relatively mild thanks largely to the Gulf Stream - but winter goes on for so long. I used to wear a coat from September to May, eight months or so every year, which is too much, and I'd be shivering all the time, and covering myself in sweaters and thick tights and long woolly socks. At least the improvement in central heating systems in recent decades stopped me getting the chillblains I suffered from as a child. So, yes, I'm enjoying it here in the Med very much.

The perhaps not so good news, though very relevant, is that I'm suffering a lot of dysphoria at the moment and although I dress happily enough at home, I am missing the real life adventures that I used to have. I am still unsure of my ground in this wholly new environment but I have come across the local LGBT network where I live and am getting in touch for advice and support on living a more open and authentic trans life here. More info on that as and when it comes.

I used to make a point of changing my avatar on New Year's Day every year, picking my favourite photo from the previous year. Somehow, I can't be bothered to do that this year, what with the upheavals of 2019. But there'll be new photos of me soon, no doubt.

Sue x


  1. Good and bad news, Sue - but more good than not. Sorry to hear the dysphoria is back. With a little luck, I hope you find your place soon.

  2. Aww babe - huge hugs and yipee that you've found the local Sisterhood! (hopefully). Enjoy the sunshine and your new internet - everything else will follow, I'm sure. More hugs xx