Sunday, 18 October 2020

Second Wave and the Single Girl

 I hope you are all remaining healthy in this difficult year. I'm very sad to say that several of my friends are seriously ill, but with cancer or heart problems, not Covid-19. The problem for the very sick this year is that staffing and attention are being taken away from treating regular diseases because of the pandemic. I feel relatively safe in Italy now as badly-run countries, those with less responsible citizens, those with underfunded healthcare, bear the brunt of illness and death. I feel upset for decent people in such places.

This week I managed to obtain a further residence certificate to enable me to remain in Italy after 31 December when Britain's transition period from the EU ends. It has cost me a lot of stress and money to get this certificate - the third one I have needed - and my revulsion at the usurping criminals running the UK who have forced so much loss, change and stress on me has no limits. A few people understand how there is nothing to stop the UK from becoming a dictatorship now, like Belarus or Hungary, but most Brits haven't a clue. Government corruption and thieving is soaring, and in plain view. People seem to have become inoculated against political scandal these last four years. What has always revolted me the most in life is people who lack integrity, and the gang of shysters in London has no integrity at all.  

With the US election very close now I can only urge US voters to get rid of the gangster currently in the White House who has damaged so many lives, especially transgender lives, and discredited the USA. You may say it's none of my business since I'm not a US citizen, but in a world where the USA has hegemony, the guy in Washington has an effect on everyone else. A Biden victory in Washington will remove Johnson's main ally and his horrible rhetoric. I will live safer as a result.

So I am just trying to take things as easy as I can in these stressful times. I dress for comfort (here's me in a rare foray into slacks), avoid other distressing and unhappy stuff if I can, and take careful Covid precautions. Being alone for so long away from friends is beginning to affect me, I confess, even though I'm usually quite resilient in isolation. But I keep busy and enjoy my considerable girl time.

Please stay safe in this pandemic, act with integrity and look after yourselves and others.


A dip in the archives

This week ten years ago I went to Pink Punters nightclub again with a whole bunch of friends, and made a couple of new friends, too. This was the best photo of me from the event and is still one of my all-time favourites.

Sue x


  1. One can only hope that people begin to see and act on the questionable actions certain government leaders are doing.

    On a positive note, I hope your friends are doing as well as they can, given the difficult circumstances they find themselves in.

    1. Thanks, Lynn, I hope so too but I wonder if hope serves much purpose these days. My friends are surviving, thanks, mainly as they are tough cookies, or those who are prepared to spend their savings on the healthcare they need because the state service they've paid into all their lives is not delivering on the excuse they're dealing with Covid. I'd say that was due to systematic underfunding and it makes me angry. Sue x

  2. Hi Sue, 2020 has truly been an Annus Horribilis for all but the snake oil dealers, the shysters and other parasites on society who thrive on disruption because they can afford it. I am glad you're able to keep your residency in Italy, although isolation can be like a creeping mind-fog. I was sorry to read about your friends - we've been surprisingly lucky with the NHS for now, perhaps because of a Covid lull where we are - that will change as Winter comes. Stay safe and keep well, Nikki xxx

    1. Thanks, Nikki. Wishing you all the best, and a safe and healthy winter. Let's hope the nasties in power are neutralised soon - I think this pandemic has shown the need for cooperation and consensus and therefore less extreme politics, not the selfish nationalism, xenophobia and abuse of minorities that we have seen of late. Best wishes, Sue x