Thursday, 29 October 2020

A bit of positive LGBT support news

 I've been avoiding posting as the news continues to be dreadful. Just now, three people have been murdered in a church in nearby Nice. That city is still recovering from the deadly storm four weeks ago, and is very affected by the virus right now. Nice suffered a serious terrorist attack in 2016 when a maniac ploughed down over 500 people with a truck, killing 86. Presumably today's attack, like that one, is connected to the 2015 Charlie-Hebdo murders.

But there are two small pieces of good news locally regarding LGBT issues. The Italian parliament has rejected objections to draft legislation designed to combat LGBT discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere, which paves the way for laws to protect us better. Coupled with the pope's (perhaps somewhat unguarded) statement that gay couples' civil marriages should not be cause for discrimination does make things better, at least in this corner of the world. Not before time, as a video by a young nurse in an openly lesbian relationship who has had her car tyres and mirrors destroyed by homophobic neigbours has gone viral. Here's someone on the front line of dealing with the pandemic in one of the worst affected cities, but despite her essential selfless heroic work some people must put hate above all else. Needless to say, support for her has been powerful.

I'd not get overexcited about the pope's thoughts. The Roman Catholic Church remains resolutely anti-LGBT. I wonder if the anti-discrimination message will get through to places like Poland where Catholic prejudice has a lot to do with the current plight of LGBT people there? The pope's appointment of an Afro-American as a cardinal does, however, send another message to that other LGBT and race hater, Donald Trump. So I welcome this slight mellowing of that church's stance.

Clouds with silver linings.


A dip in the archives

Let's look back at something cheerful from my week off in July 2012 when I did a makeover for Carol, went sightseeing in London with Emma, and spent a day in the world of burlesque. 

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  1. Good news on the legal front. Hopefully each step - no matter how small they seem - takes us further forward to equality.

    Hope you are keeping well, BTW.

    1. Yes, it is good news and there's been a huge amount of work by Arcigay, Italy's national LGBT organisation. Like Ireland, Italy is another very Catholic country that seems to be accepting that LGBT people pose no threat to society and ought to be allowed to live without prejudice.

      I'm OK healthwise, thanks, but am missing friends - I had hoped for a procession of visitors coming to stay this year but instead it's been quieter than a gay bar at the Vatican!

      Sue x

    2. "...quieter than a gay bar at the Vatican..."

      As in the place is packed but no one's making eye contact? 😁

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