Monday, 1 March 2021

Spring favourites

 There's more than a hint of spring in the air and I have been looking through my wardrobe. One thing that struck me was how often this skirt appears in my photos over the years. 


That's partly because it's a skirt for mild weather so there's never a coat hiding it, but also because it's ideal: just above the knee with an elasticated waist for my yoyo tum, it's lined for a bit of warmth and comfort and for eliminating seethrough effects. The pattern and style were popular when I bought it ten years ago but, at the risk of being unfashionable, I'm keeping it! Old it may be, but the matching pink shoes and facemask below are totally 2021!

The winter sales have been on (delayed by a month because of restrictions) and I do have one or two nice new things (apart from pink facemasks), which I'll tell about in a later post (suspense!)

I've done a thorough epilation this weekend and lost a bit more weight so it's amazing what the promise of warmer, sunnier weather can do for one's self-esteem! Oranges, lemons and bananas are ripening here, and they're always cheerful. I hope spring is on its way where you are.

Oranges, lemons and bananas in a neighbouring garden

A dip in the archives

Last month was LGBT history month. Obviously this year, with Covid restrictions everywhere, it's largely been an online affair, but there have been many events highlighting the realities and contributions of LGBT people worldwide.

The favourite thing I found in my look through LGBT stuff online last month was this beautiful award-winning animation from Eleanor Davitt, Drawn to You.

"Young Emily didn’t see anything wrong with her drawing of two girls holding hands, but her mother saw otherwise and tore both the paper and her child’s heart in two. Little did they know, the drawings had come alive and were determined to reunite with one another across the vast bedroom of pages, no matter what risk came their way. An adventurous and heartwarming tale, “Drawn to You” shows audiences both the struggles and joy that comes with being true to your heart, and not letting others tell you who to be."

Although more L than T, I found it's simple, emotional take very moving and charming, with many happy endings.

YouTube link: Drawn to You


Sue x


Cari lettori italiani

Con l'arrivo del bel tempo ho tirato fuori una gonna preferita, vecchia ma buona (come me!)

Il cartone animato, senza testo, è bellissimo. Una storia emozionante sulle difficoltà e le gioie di essere se stessi.

Sue x


  1. I've just watched the video and it was both beautiful and moving.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm glad you liked it, Lynn. You share my feelings about it. Sue x