Thursday, 27 May 2021


 Like most women, I'm usually glad to take my brassière off at the end of the day. It's a bit of a restrictive thing, after all. In the case of many trans people, it's an essential item for holding breast forms so you can't really get away without one. Yet it's also a uniquely feminine garment, which is the thing that especially commends it if you're MtF trans (and hated if you're FtM). 

Unlike in the past, I've been finding unusual emotional comfort in my bras these last few weeks, even if they're never that physically comfortable. A feminine embrace, as it were, in difficult times and when I'm feeling the dysphoria more than usual. 

A dip in the archives

Looking back again at my adventures ten years ago, May 2011 was the one time I went to the clubs in Leeds. It was a long way for a girl from London to go for a night out but a lot of my friends were going to be there so I booked a hotel and went. 

Leeds First Friday (LFF) is still going as a monthly event in the "gay triangle" of Leeds and has always been well-attended. After a meal with my regular friends, we went to the various clubs and it was great to meet others for the first time. It's a small part of town with a handful of clubs and courtyards. My one criticism is that the music in some was played so loudly that you could not hold a conversation (how health laws allowed the bar staff to work in such a high-decibel environment, I don't know). But the courtyards are cooler and quieter and a good place to take a break.

With Maddy and Gayna in Leeds. I miss these two!


For those living in the North of England and the Midlands, it seems a good monthly event for meeting up and having a safe night out. 

It was a long way for me to go and this turned out to be the only time I ever went. I enjoyed it.

Sue x

Cari lettori italiani

Sono contenta di leggere che il comune sta considerando la possibilità di diventare ufficialmente "LGBT-friendly". Con altre iniziative come la legge Zan il mondo potrebbe diventare un po' più sicuro per noi.

Sue x

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