Monday, 20 December 2021

My tribute to supportive partners

 The other day a TGirl mentioned that her wife had given her a pedicure before settling down for a girls' night in. It's wonderful to see how some people not only accept their trans partner but want to be part of their trans life. Let's face it, we often have the best times when presenting as our preferred gender and wives who've joined their trans spouse for a night out seem to enjoy the company of a group of trans people as well as the fun to be had. 

I'd like to thank supportive partners. It makes a huge difference to the trans community to have people who accept a trans person and are loyal to their needs. In various ways, those spouses are supportive of trans rights generally and in specific situations, and every bit of positivity helps every one of us. So thank you for helping to make the world more accepting for all of us.

Comments glitch

Blogger seems to have a bit of a technical problem at the moment in not always allowing me to reply to comments. At least not at first. I hope they'll sort the problem out soon.

Christmas weigh-in

Well, it's that mad time of year when you have to fill the house with food as if withstanding a siege and get in touch with every person you can think of, especially those you have neglected since last Christmas! 

My plan to join friends abroad this year has fallen through as two of them have Covid and the relevant international borders have been closed anyway. Oh well, this huge family-sized Christmas cake is all for me then!

Today has been my last weigh-in of the year as I refuse to check or worry about my weight over the holiday period. The last two weeks of the year are for enjoyment and the new year is for getting back to the slimming programme.

So this year I have lost two stone, eight and a half pounds, or 36 1/2 lb, or 16.4 kg, which is great. I'm well over half way to a healthy weight and maybe next summer I will be back in shape. I'm not rushing it as dieting is no fun; my trick is just to be more aware of fatty foods and get daily outdoor exercise.

Thanks for all the support I've had from you readers about this. 

Getting there


Sue x

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