Friday, 12 August 2022

A mixed bag

 Several topics this time. 

Firstly, I am still looking for a new handbag. My best ever bag was a soft patent leather one that I carried everywhere in my early days and have never found any bag quite as good since. It's worn out now and I really want another just like it both for the style and its practicality. 


'The' bag. About the best picture I have of it.

There are lots of stylish bags in the boutiques near home but many have eye-watering prices and I am not so fussed about being seen with the latest fashion must-have as I am with having something practical.

But living in the frontier zone of three countries means there are a lot of migrants wanting to cross borders and while they wait they sell fake designer bags in the street. There are one or two such items that are looking almost like my kind of thing. So let's see if a street vendor gets my money instead of a genuine designer label. 

I should also pay more attention to the Saturday market, too, as many stalls sell decent quality leather goods at worthwhile prices. I recall buying real leather gloves at a French market in 1987 for 55 francs (which was 5 pounds / 5 dollars at the time) and I have worn them every winter since. 35 cold winters later and they are still going strong. Best purchase ever! So a long-lasting bag for a low price strikes me as being a real win.

Keep watching this space! We'll get a bag in the end.

Thank you

Thank you to Calie of trans metasite T-Central for featuring my last post. If you don't know it, T-Central is a good library of trans blogs and information sites.

Despite the often crazed attacks there are nowadays from some corners of the political, sporting, feminist and other worlds, I do not feel that trans bashing is something that the public relate to, and even less so when it seems to be a distraction from very immediate real-life problems such as pandemics, drought and climate change, high inflation, stagnant wages and so on. 

Lynn's post today about the consequences of actions continues this theme: Cause and Effect.


I normally try to blog on Mondays and Thursdays or Fridays as this fits best into my weekly schedules. But the next post will be on Sunday as I notice a nice coincidence coming up. Exciting, eh? 

Wishing you a good weekend.

Sue x


  1. Congratulations on being featured on T Central - and rightly deserved too.

    The gloves sound a lucky find and a well made item that lasts, good for the purse, the soul, and the planet.

    PS - thanks for the plug!

    1. One good turn deserves another, hon! I thought your latest post was a good continuation of this theme. Sue x

  2. I found a nice roomy bag secondhand and instantly proved that girls carry pretty much everything but the kitchen sink around with them when they go out. Purse, keys, makeup, tissues, wipes, camera, handcream, deoderant spray, brush, mask, pen, notebook...
    Probably because a good bag contains all the pockets that they can't find in their clothes.
    Good hunting

    1. Thanks, Susie. I am a great believer in a woman's right to pockets and I think this controversial idea is beginning to gain traction with clothes industry. Until then, there are bags. Sue x