Sunday, 11 December 2011

First friends

I take an epicurean view of life (if you hadn't yet noticed). I avoid needless pain, am not oppressed by religious or political affiliations, enjoy what's enjoyable and, above all, have friends who make me happy.

Yesterday was an important day: I met up again with some of the very first friends I made when I started going out as a T-Girl: Tiff and Mrs Tiff, two very lovely, humane and generous people; my fabulous friend Ange who is the first T-Girl I ever met (and is something of a T sister to me as we joined Angels on the same day and have so many shared experiences); Gayna Starr, who was really encouraging and something of a role model my early days; and Maddy Watson and Joanne Durkin, two stunning girls who are delightful company.

We also met up with Tina Natalie Scott, a very nice and chatty local girl who is starting to get out and about, and the gorgeous and friendly Tanya Wiliams. All these people are great and I love them to bits for having been so quick to befriend me. It was a shame that I couldn't stay in Milton Keynes and go to Pink Punters, so I missed Bobby and Mrs Bobby whom I meet regularly. Absent friends must also include Emma Walkey, Evie James and Josie Safir - but they were there in spirit.

I just wanted to thank my friends for being so ... well, friendly! I know I wouldn't have got so far in my life as a T-Girl without their love and support.

So, thank you, girls. You mean so very much to me. As do the dozens of other friends I've made in the last couple of years of being out as a T-Girl. I'm having the time of my life simply because of all the encouragement that T-Girls share between them.

Sue x

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