Friday, 30 December 2011

A lovely Christmas

The usual family Christmas was not going to happen this year. I mentioned this in a phone conversation with my friend Dawn a while back and she suggested Christmas together. And so it came to pass (a Christmassy saying, I believe).

I went down to Dawn's on Christmas Eve on a very quiet train and spent the next 48 hours with her. We ate lots and drank lots and slept in and exchanged presents and, frankly, that's what Christmas is all about. Dawn is a superb cook and for Christmas lunch we had venison, slow-cooked with bacon and veg. Beautiful. Plenty of cheese, too (we like cheese!) There was time for lots of photos (well, T-Girls have a symbiotic relationship with their cameras).

Dawn gave me a lovely set of beauty stuff and a rather tasty looking bottle of wine; I gave her some silver earrings which I think looked beautiful on her (see photo), but then she's a good-looking lass herself (see photo again).

Boxing Day saw us do the Sales thing: off to the furniture store to look at the sofas which Dawn was thinking of buying for her living room. We then drove to my house as we'd decided our Christmas would be a shared thing and again ate a large dinner, Italian style in this case, with cold meats, salmon and plenty more cheese. The following day we decided that we really needed some exercise at last and walked in the park and by the river. The squirrels were out in force, and the parakeets (yes, really) were making a racket. It's like a jungle round here!

Sadly, on the 28th, we had to part as I had a family gathering to attend. But all in all it was a lovely and memorable Christmas with a lovely friend. And who could resist four festive days in a frock? Certainly not me.

Thanks and hugs to my pal Dawn for being such a nice companion throughout and for being thoroughly fabulous.

Sue x

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