Saturday, 31 December 2011

Summing up (2011)

What an incredible year for me. I have lived the greater part of it as a woman, including great swathes of time when no maleness was required at all, notably the first half of July. I've taken holidays en femme, had whole weekends of fun with girlfriends, worked as a barmaid at Olympia, celebrated an all-female Christmas and enjoyed no end of shopping, eating out, getting pretty in beauty salons, theatre trips, clubbing and socialising as Sue. Complete bliss! I could get used to this. Maybe I have. This is how life is supposed to be for me, I can feel it from the top of my hairdo to the tips of my stilettos.

Will there be a new beginning in 2012? Hardly necessary. I plan the same joyous female existence, only more of it, and with a feeling of satisfaction that life as a woman is the right life for me.

Thank you to all my trans friends for making life so wonderful. Too many to mention individually here, but you all know who you are. Love and joy to all.

And thanks to the many readers who have dropped in on this blog in the last few months. I hope it's been entertaining, an encouragement to live life as one's true self and an illustration of how friends do so much to create our happiness. And maybe it shows that being transgendered can have a positive side.

Sue xxx

Painshill Park, Surrey; August 2011

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