Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Great Drag Race 2012 announced

The Great Drag Race 2012 organised by Prostate Action in aid of prostate diseases research has been announced.

This year's race will be Saturday 30th June at Highbury Fields in Islington, North London.

Full info here http://www.prostateaction.org.uk/take-action/raise-money/great-drag-race

I did the race in 2010, the first year it was held. Not only did we raise awareness and money but also had fun and broke a world record. Yes, I have my certificate from Guinness to say that I was part of the longest line of dancing drag queens ever! (Though I feel the terms "line" "dancing" "drag" and "queens" were used in their loosest sense!)

For me personally it was an opportunity to dress as a woman in an accepting and safe environment when I was just emerging in public.

I missed the race last year but, work permitting, would like to put together a team for this year's event, perhaps with the blessing of UK Angels. Watch this space.

Consider participating or at least sponsoring runners at this fun event. Prostate diseases like cancer affect many men and trans persons but are less talked about than women's illnesses although almost as prevalent. The reason for running in drag is as a tribute to the success women have had in raising awareness for women's health issues.

There are a few pictures of me at the 2010 event on my Flickr pages. Hope to add a few more just for info and fun when I have dug them out.

Sue x


  1. That's annoying; I never got my Guinness certificate!
    I'd quite like to come along this year - more in a supportive role, than taking part though.

    1. Hi Lizzie, they emailed the certificate. You could check with the organisers.

      Let's see how we feel this year, and if anyone else we know wants to join in.

      Incidentally, and for general info rather than addressed specifically to you, I kept this announcement at the top of the postings list here for 10 days following an attempt to derail it by a troll elsewhere. It takes more than online bullying and abuse to stop me doing what I feel is right.

      Sue x